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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Saving Bernie Busters from Themselves and the World from Clintonian Plutocracy

There will be denial for days and maybe weeks to come, but in the end Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. Could things have been different with all open primaries, more polling  places and less voter suppression? Certainly!

Sadly, none of that matters now. Yes, we need to reform the process of future nominations but right now we need to deal with the reality that Hillary  Clinton will be our next president.

Yes, you heard that right, my Bernie or Bust friends. Every time you make claims to the contrary, hundreds of Sanders supporters decide to keep Trump out by voting for Clinton.

It is time to stop the futile call to defeat Hillary Clinton as punishment for all the dirty political chicanery she has used to deny Sanders the nomination.

Sadly, painfully, but undeniably, we are stuck with her. She is a war-mongering, corporate-pandering puppet for the status quo, but she will be our next president.

The strategy of trying to scare Democrats into voting for Sanders for fear of her not being able to defeat Donald Trump has clearly failed and further use of it is going to backfire in a landslide victory over the weakest camdidate the GOP has ever produced.

What Bernie or Busters need to focus on now is persuading as many Sanders supporters as possible to send her and the Democratic party a clear message: No more Libyas and no more Wall Street dominance over the treasury and treasures of our country.

The only way to make this happen is to threaten her with 8 million progressive votes for Jill Stein this year and the prospect of 20 million four years from now. She will not listen to reason or passion or to voters who stupidly write in votes for a candidate who supports her and does not want to be a write-in candidate.

She will, however listen to 10 million progressives breathing down her neck and the way to make that happen us to get Jill Stein above 5% this November.

The way to get the Green Party over the threshold for federal matching funds in the next presidential election is to persuade enough Sanders supporters that they can vote their consciences twice without spoiling the election and making Trump the president.

Let me be clear... this is not about promoting the Green Party; this about keeping the peaceful green economy at the forefront  of our national agenda. This is about agreeing with Bernie Sanders' assessment that nothing  short of a political revolution will bring about the democratic change that we need to establish justice and insure domestic tranquility.

Clinton must be radically transformed or at least sufficiently restrained if we are to have a chance of not being the permanent  victims of global corporate totalitarianism. 5 million uncounted votes for an undeclared and uncertified write-in candidate will only embolden the puppeteers who pull her strings.

Fortunately, all of the fuss about the danger of not voting for the lesser evil is made a moot point not only by the gift of Donald Drumpf but because the Libertarian Party,  in nominating two very popular former governors, will give both  establishment voters and  pissed off Paulians an option which will more than offset Green defections.  And if Gary Johnson and William Weld are not status quo enough, clandestine Clintonites or Romney write- ins will do the trick of denying Trump 10 million votes.

In short, the approach should be: let's  keep the pressure on by dismissing the barely remote possibility of a Trump White House and liberating Sanderistas from sheep dogging fears.

Let's  get it done now!