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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I promise to answer....

I never imagined that I would get so big a response to my initial article. Evidently for the first time in my life I have actually struck a chord with a significant number of people from across the political spectrum. Luckily for me this has not gone mainstream and although I hope my idea continues gaining mileage in various forums, large and small. Right now the inquiries are bit overwhelming and this is not my day job so I am apologizing to the increasing number of people who have asked me questions. I promise to try to make a composite answer here within the next week or so. Just have too many responsibilities right now to respond here in a timely way. I appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in hearing my opinions on various issues. My hope has been to not discuss policy too much (although I am very interested in public policy).However, I have come to understand that a part of the coalition building process is getting to know where everybody is coming from.  As a preliminary response let me say two things: First, I am not an economist and I while I have some strongly held convictions concerning economic theory and praxis, I have no formal training in the fields of finance, law or economics. I read widely but not professionally in these fields. I am not, therefore, going to attempt to debate the more arcane theories and research in fields that I am obviously not an expert. If you are wanting to engage me in this, you probably ought to look at academic professional journals rather than wasting time debating a lay person like myself. Second and lastly for now, several people have ask about my identity...I can assure you I am nobody famous and for several reasons at this time I would rather remain anonymous. I hope you can just take me at my word, I am not a right winger trolling among lefties, nor vice versa. I actually want  to pursue the possibility of a new coalition and maybe even a  new synthesis, not for theoretical purposes but for actual and practical political results. And ...no I am not running for political office of any sort! I will try my best to answer all of your questions as soon and as comprehensively as possible. Just please know that I am not wanting to be rude and I am not a professional blogger. Thank you all for your kindness, your curiosity and your patience.


  1. No need to apologize, the spirit is admirable, though... RPFs is a crucible... haha

  2. I'm enjoying it there just kinda overwhelmed with several folks from several sites with lots of comments and questions. Hope to post something soon that gets most things answered.