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Monday, June 11, 2012

10 Assumptions Progressives Make Against Supporting Ron Paul

Originally posted to no avail and no response on Huffington Post:

1.) Ron Paul can be elected without a real coalition with progressives.

2.) Progressives in a coalition government would give Ron Paul complete control of all policy.

3.) The US will be composed of 60 consistent libertarians like Rand Paul if Ron Paul gets elected president.

4.) Progressives have no important policy in common with libertarians.

5.) Neither libertarians nor progressives are capable of principled compromises that can move both agendas forward simultaneously.

6.) The progressive agenda can move forward with plenty of funding while increasing the budget of the military industrial catastrophe.

7.) President Obama's re-election will mean that 60 Senators will cooperate with him on a truly progressive agenda.

8.) Ron Paul being nominated or dividing the Republican party convention somehow harms progressives' goals and benefits the Republican party.

9.) Progressives should never vote strategically to advance our agenda.

10.) Democratic party is a progressive political organization.


  1. Ron Paul not running as an independent was a misreading of the growing but unfocused rejection of the status quo.

    In fact, the third party aspirants on the left seem to also be clueless about either the impending economic collapse, the need to be post partisan and post ideological (apolitical) at this moment, or both.

    Well, they may also be just mirror gazing vanity candidates.

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  3. Cornelius,

    Would you consider re-massaging this diary to address libertarians broadly, rather than focusing on Ron Paul?

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