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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Concentrating on the controversial

The media have already begun to try to discredit Ron Paul. First step ignore him. Second step, ask questions on his most controversial positions: heroine, bin Laden raid, 1964 civil rights act. Third step, avoid questioning him on his liberal and progressive alliances on issues of war and corporate welfare. Fourth step, avoid him altogether. I wish Representative Paul could be more nuanced on these issues. For example, he could say, "Yes I would legalize all drugs but hold manufacturers responsible for injuries from their products and tax such items significantly and strictly forbid their sale to minors." I know that sort of thing goes against his strict libertarian impulses which is why he needs to frame every issue in terms of what he wants as a libertarian and what he is willing to allow progressives to do along side of him as a better alternative to the present situation where corporatists make all the rules and libertarians and progressives are ignored. He does a little of this with his acquiescence to state level regulation. He could do more by saying, something like this, "If we can have more liberty in our land even though I am opposed to all new taxes, I would be willing to have these types of drugs taxed significantly if we can use that money exclusively to pay down the debt." He needs to consistently to combination punching. Right, left, right, left.... that is the best way to combat the media's portrayal of him as an extremist without him having to compromise his principles. Coalition combo punching Dr. Paul! You'll knock them out!

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