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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Type of deal we are looking for:

Many of us progressives believe that public transportation is vital for creating the peaceful green economy. We are particularly frustrated that our nation does not have a high speed rail system. Here's my idea: sell interstate and US highways to states, localities and private companies in states where the people approve of it. Use the funds raised to build a high speed rail system. Begin the system in states which will dedicate 10 cents per gallon into further funding of public transportation. This is one of a million compromises that pristine libertarians will never consider but for more realistic Randians, just think about it: It moves transportation funding and policy away from the federal level toward the states and private sector. It gives libertarians the chance to prove that the private sector can do roads (and everything else, of course) better than the "government" can. This is the type of deal that Ron Paul needs to make if he wants the White House.

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