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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Expanding the strategy

If you want to know the full strategy check this out first:

We need to expand the strategy to find Ron Paul Republicans to run in the house and senate primaries and when there is a competitive down ticket race between a blue dog and a progressive on the Democratic side, ask Democrats to stay put and get Ron Paul to endorse the progressive if there is not going to be a libertarian  candidate nominated in that same state or district.

If Ron Paul can find some progressives to nominate, he will send the right signal to the left and get more to jump ship. In cases where there is no chance of a libertarian winning in the primary, vote for the extremist so that the Democrat wins the general election. The goal is to get a 60+ vote majority coalition of progressives and libertarians in the US Senate to dismantle the military empire building and maintenance budgets.

Follow up 8/15/2011... I see that this post is getting a lot more attention. Progressives like Sanders and Kucinich need to start thinking seriously about endorsing Paul if Paul will agree to endorse progressives in Democratic primaries where neo -cons have the GOP primaries locked up.

Follow up 8-16-2011  Here is another post that elaborates a bit more on this expanded strategy with an interesting discussion in the comments section: http://progressivesforronpaul.blogspot.com/2011/07/what-if.html?showComment=1311765212201#c4417197615767618775

If not then here's plan B: http://progressivesforronpaul.blogspot.com/2011/08/plan-b-since-it-looks-like-we-might.html


  1. No candidate ever brought so many different groups together in one place.
    nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin ventura sheehan perot carter

  2. His ability to work with people across the ideological spectrum is one of his most admirable traits. We need a president to make connections and build a consensus rather than settling for the lowest common denominator. He needs some endorsements. I think Kucinich may endorse him especially if he is gerrymandered out. If Ron Paul endorses Democrats as well as Republicans and can get endorsements from both as well, we could build the consensus we need to end empire building and maintenance.