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Monday, October 31, 2011

Plan B part 2

Thanks in large part to tribal politics, it is all but inevitable that Ron Paul will not get the nomination. We should not give up this hope but press for him to make the best showing possible in what will eventually become a a 3 candidate primary with Paul, Romney and a cultural conservative. These represent the 3 factions which make up the Republican Party, the libertarian, the global corporatist and the cultural conservative. The faint possibility of a game changing Palin type endorsement to shift enough cultural conservatives in Paul's direction is not likely to happen as back room deals are probably already afoot within the Romney campaign to get a Santorum in the VP slot.

We must now begin to encourage a real coalition ticket with top cabinet members like:
Vice President: Bernie Sanders
Secretary of State: John Huntsman
Secretary of Defense: Jesse Ventura
Treasury Secretary: Elizabeth Warren
Fed Chair: Jim Grant
OMB Director: Gary Johnson
Labor and Commerce Secretary: Dennis Kucinich
Attorney General: Andrew Napolitano
UN Ambassador: Cynthia McKinney
Secretary of Energy and Environment: Robert Kennedy, Jr.
Secretary of Interior: Sarah Palin
Secretary of Agriculture: Jim Hightower
Secretary of Housing, Health and Human Services: Ralph Nader
Secretary of Homeland Security: Stewart Rhodes
Economic Advisers: Peter Schiff and Robert Frank
Secretary of the Department of Education: Colin Powell

My point is not to name specific individuals but for Ron Paul to begin naming a true coalition cabinet which seats both progressives and libertarian in both domestic/economic and foreign affairs/defense cabinet posts. I understand his wish at this point in the campaign to attempt a libertarian coup of the GOP first, but he should certainly not wait too many days beyond the SC primary to shift his strategy. The sooner he gets progressives on board the better because he cannot win without a real coalition.

Blue Republican PR is nice and good hospitality will help but such a strategy without a commitment to a real coalition will be fruitless. I wish that more progressives would get on board right now but it ain't happening. The grip of our two party tribal politics is too overwhelming. The sooner his die hard libertarian supporters own up to this, the sooner Paul can move toward the only way any part of the libertarian agenda gets advanced.

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