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Friday, October 21, 2011

Crisper Zings for the Next Debate

Just posted this here: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?322920-Suggestions-Please-Ron-Paul-Soundbytes-and-One-Liners&p=3675916#post3675916

and here: http://www.dailypaul.com/183967/crisper-zings-for-the-next-debate

On the media blackout:
There are several reasons why you guys give Mitt/Rick more time for cat fights than you do the rest of us to discuss real issues.

On the charge of weakening our military:
I have more military personnel donating to my campaign than the rest of my opponents combined. I guess that means I am weak on defense.

On electability:
In poll after poll, I consistently do better than anyone on this stage in a head to head match up with the president.
I have by a wide margin the best ratio of media time to poll numbers of any candidate here.
I have the most small donors.
Mitt beats me in one area: the biggest money from banks and businesses taking American jobs overseas.
Obama is scared, as is everyone on this stage and most everyone in the MSM, about how well I do among independent voters and disenchanted Democrats.

On complimenting opponents:
What can I say good about my opponents?..well those two do have nice hair. As for the others, they do help me get ignored.

On fulfilling the GOP creed:
Seriously, who do you truly trust on the issues of less government and lower taxes?

On ability to govern:
Who else among these (besides Mitt on health care) truly knows how to work positively with independents and Democrats to craft something other than lowest common denominator policy?
I will continue to work with anybody regardless of party who wants more, not less liberty for all Americans.

On security, debt and jobs:
Let's end these endless wars that make us fewer friends, let Germany and Japan take care of their on defense, and bring our troops home to protect our borders and build an economy that works and puts all Americans who want to work back to work.
I want to cut spending by 4 trillion dollars and taxes by a trillion dollars over the next 4 years. I have a plan to do that, a plan that will get 60 votes in the Senate.

On ability to govern and make real change:
If we don't build constructive coalitions, we will continue the bipartisan corporatist catastrophe.

On values:
As a Christian I am concerned that our witness concerning the sanctity of all human life is dismissed when we refuse to obey the ancient Judeo-Christian wisdom of the just war tradition. As an American, I am concerned that our bipartisan obsession with violence is bankrupting us into greater violence still.

On the Fed.:
I'm glad my opponents are coming around to what I have been advocating for 40 years. Let's do audit the fed and I'll make sure it's a real audit with teeth.
Mitt Romney made x amount of money on currency trading the past y number of years. Most people don't have enough money to make that kind of money. At the least we can allow for currency competition within the ordinary consumer market place. That will make the dollar stronger and maybe Mitt won't have to send so many of his overseas.

On popularity of Cain:
I understand why people like Herman Cain; he has a much better sense of humor than brother Rick.

On values and how to bring Democrats on board:
Hating the president will get us nowhere in this election. I don't hate President Obama any more than his former supporters do. They don't hate him; they hate his actions, which have gained them, as well as us, more war and less jobs.
Here's how we reach those disenchanted Democrats who want to occupy Wall Street: Tell them, if you want to build a peaceful green economy,  then let's end the endless wars, stop fighting for people who don't want us to do what they can do for themselves, let Germany, Korea, Japan and the rest of those we spend trillions on for empire building and maintenance, pay for their own defense. We will pay for our own defense, bring the troops home and shift those resources to people like you who will build the peaceful green economy you thought Obama would build for all of us.

On who he is and what he's all about:
My name is Ron Paul, and I believe peace and liberty are the best policies to build security and prosperity for all Americans.

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