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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Simple Idea for Libertarians and Progressives

Here's a rather simple and probably uncontroversial idea:

Two members of congress, perhaps the two best members of congress, will not be there next year. They have both run for president. They are friends. They come from different parts of the country. They are both principled and driven by big ideas. They have opposed one another on legislative issues and they have co-sponsored bills together.

I think they ought to go on tour together over the next 4 years and host a series of conferences bringing together both libertarian and progressive thinkers, strategists, politicians, and activists to discuss, debate and create policy and to hear proposals for reforming and reclaiming our government and our economy from the corporate military industrial catastrophe and all of its crony cousins and their neocon and blue dog hacks in congress and the White House.

I am, of course,talking about Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.

How about somebody (or bodies) with more pull than I getting this idea up the ladder? Maybe make it a viral request.


  1. Kucinich sold out American's liberties when he flipped on his Obamacare vote...Maybe Kucinich can explain to the nation why he went on a plane ride with Obama, then signed on to his Obamacare bill before reading it. No one could read it all. Was he threatened or given a peachy deal?

  2. I am not sure what happened there. My best guess is Kucinich did not want to be like Ted Kennedy when he rejected Nixon's much more progressive offer on health care. Kucinich may not have wanted to refuse a deal that might evolve in something like the German system. If he was promised anything, it certainly has not materialized.