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Saturday, August 25, 2012

What's Left to Do Mr. Machiavella?

Some of this may sound like a Hail Mary but what more is there to lose? Here’s what’s left to do:

1.) Ron Paul delegates walk out of Republican convention and join Paul supporters in a peaceful human blockade of Tampa convention center when Ron Paul’s name is not placed in nomination.

2.) Get Anderson, Nader, Kucinich and Alexander to endorse Stein, and Goode, Paul and Roemer to endorse Johnson.

3.) Get Gary Johnson and Jill Stein in the debates.

4.) Focus on New Mexico, Nevada and Vermont and leaning states: Johnson on those leaning Romney; Stein on those leaning Obama.

5.) Secure two states: New Mexico for Johnson and Vermont for Stein. Stein endorses Johnson in NM and Johnson endorses Stein in Vermont with prominent progressives and libertarians joining in.

6.) Leave toss up states alone and back off leaning states if money pours into Stein’s campaign from Romney sources. If not, Stein endorses Johnson in toss up states and backs off Obama leaning states.

7.) Get Bernie Sanders to negotiate in the Senate if there is a 50/50 split.

8.) If GOP retains the House, Romney is in. Put Biden in as VP unless Defense, Treasury, State and 3 other cabinet posts are secured.

9.) If Democrats take the House, Obama is back in. Bernie Sanders threatens to put Ryan in VP slot if same cabinet spots are not secured.

10.) A coalition of libertarian Republicans, progressive Democrats and opportunists from both parties who realize which way the wind is blowing take over congress and together with our people in the cabinet end the imperial presidency and replace empire building and maintenance, the military industrial catastrophe and all its crony corporate cousins with debt reduction and block grants to the states for building the peaceful green economy.

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