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Friday, June 17, 2011

Debates are not going to help...

mainly because they are not real debates but strutting contests. What Ron Paul needs is a ground crew in the first 3 states making calls and knocking on doors. Additionally, he needs to talk with the Libertarian party and persuade them it's time put their candidates in the Republican primary and endorse him. If they protect their party their ideology will be sacrificed. Of course I have been making the case that he has to step up his appeal to progressives. I realize this will alienate some Republicans but I doubt they would ever vote for him anyway.  I think there is a way to reach out to social conservatives by confronting them with the fact that 8 years with Bush got them nothing and that if they continue to vote for candidates who reject the Christian doctrine of just war, they will loose all credibility in sharing the gospel. Step on their toes a bit Dr. Paul. They need one of their own to refuse to patronize them.

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