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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just posted on The Daily Paul

It is very clear that Ron Paul can easily finish in the top 4 in every single primary and come in third in probably half of them. He can gain a slim increase from registered Republicans if his campaign works very hard at it. The real issue is what will get him a plurality of the popular vote in the primaries. The answer is clearly: amp up the appeal to progressives. He can do this by telling progressives that 95% of his spending cuts will come from corporate and war welfare and that 50% of the savings goes to debt reduction and the other 50% goes to shoring up social security, medicare and medicaid, funding state and local governments and green infrastructure. Name the exact dollars if need be. Tell us progressives that each year of all 4 years 400 billion is going to debt reduction and 400 billion to programs and projects that progressives were hoping that Obama would fund. Libertarians get drastic reductions in the size of federal government and progressives get part of their agenda to build a peaceful green economy funded. We can do all of this and still have 400 billion annually to defend the country. Repeat this over and over every where he goes and he will eventually get the margin of victory he needs from progressives. Heck you can make it very simple at every campaign event have 4 thousand Ron Paul supporters shout over and over and over 400 billion for the next 4 months. it's a simple way to get a very clear message of what needs to be done to turn the country around.

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