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Friday, March 16, 2012

Dear Libertarians

Do you want to punish the GOP? You'll get your wish when Ron Paul  runs a write in campaign or endorses Gary Johnson. The caveat you must accept with this desirable outcome is a Democratic party reinvigorated by a Obama/Biden landslide over Romney/Santorum.

If Ron Paul decides to stick with an exclusively libertarian agenda , endorsing the Libertarian Party nominee or choosing a fellow libertarian as his running mate, the Democratic Party will be the primary beneficiary. If, on the other hand, Ron Paul embraces a coalition platform and chooses a progressive running mate, he will severely damage both major parties.

And so my libertarian friends, do you want to be the best friend of Obama and the Democratic party, or do you want to harm both parties and possibly win a victory that permanently disables them and gives Ron Paul the bully pulpit for at least 4 years?

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