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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Daily Show: Robin Koerner or Ron Paul?

I would be interested to see Robin on the show but it would be much more useful if JS brought Ron Paul back on the show and asked him about his transition plan: http://www.lewrockwell.com/paul/paul647.html

In this plan Ron Paul wants to prioritize making deep cuts in coporate welfare and military and security spending, ending current wars immediately, drawing down bases overseas and defunding the military industrial complex. He wants to devote half of the savings to pay down the debt and half to shoring up entitlements for those who are dependent. He proposes transferring these funds so that young people can opt out of the system. We progressives will not be alone resisting this idea and I am confident that it will not pass.

JS needs to call Ron Paul on this and then ask him if his opt out idea does not pass congress, what will become of that 50% of the savings. Does it still go into social security? Ron Paul is not going to want to overfund entitlements which is exactly what will happen if his opt out proposal fails. Will it go for more deficit reduction or more tax cuts? Those are the libertarian ideals and Ron Paul can say yes that is all that the savings can be used for, if not for entitlement transitioning.

That would be a dream come true for Koerner and the libertarian blue crowd, but leaving aside the economic catastrophe this would cause, it will mean that he does not get elected president. Ron Paul wins the presidency only by getting progressives on board. He would be president now if all that was needed to persuade progressives is end the the wars, defund the MIC and the drug war and restore civil liberties. He said that in 2008

In the alternative of trying to woo Democrats by convincing them that they are actually libertarians, Ron Paul could answer this question by saying, "John, I am willing to cut hundreds of billions of dollars from the exact same programs that Bernie Sanders wants to cut and then send half of what we save directly to the states to use as they see fit with no strings attached. They can use it for tax cuts or building green infrastructure, funding public education or whatever the states desire.  I do not think President Obama wants to give California and New York that amount of money to implement their progressive agendas any more than he wants to grant funds to Texas and Florida to implement their conservative agendas. I say let's make a 4 year experiment. Give the states the funds according to their populations and let's see what policies create jobs,  I am taliking about sending at least a trillion dollars back to the states to invest in the private sector the public sector or both while using the same amount to pay down our national debt."

If Jon Stewart could ask this question and Ron Paul could give the sort of answer I just suggested, he would turn the politics of our day upside down. If he answers with the usual tax cuts and debt reduction, look to see a Romney clone forcing Obama to prove he's not soft on defense or a big spender for poor people. So Jon get Ron Paul back on the show and give him a chance to make history. I suspect Robin would rather have Ron Paul in the White House than himself on your show.



  1. Ron Paul is already scheduled to be on Jon Stewart on September 26th

  2. I was just about to say what the above person said!