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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Would you sign this Letter to Congressman Ron Paul?

I am open for suggestions for revisions of the following:

Dear Dr. Paul:

We write to you as progressive Democrats, Greens and Independents because we share your genuine concern for the future of our country. We are in a grave crisis with soaring public, business and personal debt compounded by chronic high unemployment, global economic uncertainty, excessive and imperialistic militarism, and cavalier disregard for our constitutional liberties and human rights by top leaders in both major parties and in all  three branches of government.

While we do not agree with you in some important matters of  interpretation of the constitution and the role of government in the economy, we agree with you that we need to restore civil liberties, and reduce wasteful spending, particularly in areas of defense and security where our spending is grossly counterproductive to our national interests and ideals.

We also realize that your nomination and election will require cooperation from a broad coalition of Americans. We want to be an important component in that coalition and believe that there are creative ways we can work with you in getting you elected and in establishing policies for healing our nation. We would like  for you to thoughtfully consider the following proposals for establishing a libertarian and progressive coalition government:

1. Name a coalition cabinet ahead of the general election which is composed of progressives and libertarians  in both economic and defense and foreign policy posts. We suggest that some of these should be named early in the primary season and the rest soon after the GOP convention.

2. Modify your transition plan by stating that half of the savings from reductions in wasteful spending will be designated  as unconditional grants for the states based exclusively on the population of each state.

3. State your willingness to consider broad tax reform including the possibility of a progressive consumption tax and merit rated tariffs to replace our current income tax.

4. Endorse progressive Democrats in primary and general election races where there are no libertarians running and encourage crossover voters in the Republican primaries to vote for libertarian candidates.

These actions will not violate your libertarian principles but will significantly reduce the fiscal size of the federal government, localize more of the domestic policy decision making, and attract the attention of millions of progressive voters. They constitute a winning coalition strategy and the beginning of much needed governmental reforms. We expect that with the implementation these policies, we can greatly increase jobs creation, debt reduction and positive, peaceful relationships throughout the world.

We are more than happy to discuss with you further the components of this coalition strategy for winning the election and healing our nation.


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