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Monday, August 22, 2011

Zak, if Robin makes it on the Daily Show, this is what he needs to say:

Context: http://forums.thedailyshow.com/?page=ThreadView&thread_id=45103

Thanks Zak for trying to get Stewart to follow up on his recent sympathetic remarks. Hopefully Robin Koerner will get an opportunity to make his case for Ron Paul on an upcoming show, but let's not fool ourselves into thinking what Robin is saying is going to win over the necessary number of Democrats needed for a Ron Paul coup.

 Blue dogs are not coming our way because they are too tied to their districts' dependency on the MIC. Moderates are loving what the president is doing. And progressives, they are unimpressed by the pitch, "Since we libertarians are right on everything and you progressives agree with us on some of these things, come on board and do everything the libertarian way so we can defeat the president."

The typical knee jerk reaction of a progressive to this appeal is something like, "Have you not heard that Paul is against the civil rights act?" And they are not falling for the dissembling retorts about Ron Paul's unyielding support for civil liberties.

Hemp peace is great but Ron Paul and his supporters need to clarify and amplify what will happen to that 50% of savings from cuts in empire building and maintenance after Paul's opt out dream fails to make it through congress. If it can be stated by Paul and embraced by supporters like Robin that those funds go back to the state's unconditionally based strictly on each state's population, Stewart and other thoughtful progressives may be prompted beyond sympathy to commitment. Until then don't translate kind words for an underdog as an endorsement.

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  1. Very well said Cornelius, I'll make sure Robin reads this too. I think our greatest recruitment tool to this movement is fear. Fear of the the other republican candidates, all of them war mongering corporatists who want to know what everyone is doing in their bedrooms.

    Rush Limbaugh tried to mess with the Democratic primaries in 2008, it's time for a little payback:)