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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

11 Coalition Agreements to Woo Way More Progressives

Beyond Ron Paul's well known stands on war and peace, anti-prohibition, anti-bailouts, etc., here are some big ways to woo progressives without alienating libertarians:

1. Agree to direct half of all reductions in spending into block grants for the states based strictly on their populations for the states to do with the funds as they wish with only one requirement: Publish online how every cent is used.

2. Agree to a public option available to all who are eligible to opt out of entitlements.

3. Agree to select a progressive running mate such as Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders, Rocky Anderson, or Jill Stein.

4. Agree to appoint progressives to head domestic cabinet posts which are consolidated or have their budgets reduced.

5. Agree to income tax brackets of 10, 20 and 30 with a 10% consumption tax on spending above 1 million dollars and with a minimum tax of 10% and 15% on the 20 and 30 margins.

6. Agree to phase in a progressive consumption tax to replace the income tax.

7. Agree to auction off interstate highways in states which approve of it by referendum and use the funds to match state funding of public transportation.

8. Agree to a tariff structure based on environmental impact and human, civil, religious and labor rights.

9. Agree to permanently reduce payroll tax rates to not more than 5% each for both employers and employees in exchange for removing the cap completely.

10. Agree to legalize hemp and tax marijuana at the same rate that cigarettes are taxed.

Bonus 11. Agree that all new revenues raised through changes in tax law be designated half for debt reduction and and half for state block grants as in number 1.

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