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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Progressives, before it's too late...

Ron Paul may or may not be a racist and/or opportunist. I would be surprised to find any white politician born before (or after) 1964 who wasn't both. However, his campaign can become a vehicle for significantly advancing both libertarian and progressive causes.

This election is not about racism, sexism or homophobia. It's not about cults of personality or fantasy agendas. It's not about shutting down government or getting government in or out of the economy. It's not about killing social security, medicare and medicaid or eliminating progressive taxation.

It's about dealing realistically with political stalemate in opposition territory. It’s about changing the debate and creating the possibility of a coalition rather than sticking with the sentimental and waiting for 60 progressive votes in the US Senate. It’s about dealing with the reality of massive budget cuts close on the horizon and making sure they come out of the military industrial catastrophe rather than an already weakened domestic budget.

It’s about killing the corporate beast so the funds can be made available for building a peaceful green economy. It’s about returning government to the people. It’s about forming a tactical and temporary alliance to escape the bait and switch, divide and conquer lowest common denominator politics of the already opulent and permanently powerful. It’s about getting our heads out of their corporate cabooses.

Fanatical insanity is thinking that Obama 2 or Romney 1 is going to be an inch different from Bush 2 and 3.

Ron Paul is no messiah but he has proven his willingness to work with progressives and he has provided a transition plan that can become a spring board, not for compromising anyone’s principles, but for moving our politics in the common direction both progressives and libertarians want.

If we would turn the tables and trick the establish just this once, we could have a fighting chance of getting something significant done and an honest future contest as to where to go beyond the common ground currently squatted upon by the corporate duopoly.

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