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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Can anyone explain the purpose of this strategy?

What is the total number of delegates awarded in all caucus state combined? When will we know the number of Paul delegates vs. other candidates' delegates awarded in caucus states thus far? Is that immediately following state conventions? If so, can the campaign supply us a list of dates for state conventions in all the caucus states?

There seems to be a message from the campaign that Paul's delegates are the only delegates smart enough to stay late and pay fees and get elected. Are Romney's delegates all that dumb? How many delegates are awarded in primary states verses caucus states?

How many primary states are winner take all? Does the RP campaign still believe he can be nominated? If not, what is the goal of amassing delegates? Is it a prime time speech? Is it certain planks in the platform? If so, what are the planks and how can we be sure the nominee will abide by all planks in the platform in formulating and implementing policy?

I know these are a lot of questions but this has the smell of cigars in a backroom somewhere. I think everyone here values clarity and transparency. We want to know what we can expect the end result to be? Some of us are beginning to wonder why spend valuable resources on getting delegates if its not going to get RP the nomination?

If the nomination is impossible and the platform and speeches are all meaningless formalities, why not just get as many votes as possible everywhere in preparation for a walkout of the convention followed by a third party run?

I doubt a floor fight over delegates coming from a third or fourth place candidate is going to impress anyone outside the Ron Paul choir. Isn't this campaign supposed to be about winning the nomination and if not, punishing the neocon that does?

I'm trying to be polite about this but i think I am not alone in losing patience waiting for a chance to hear Ron Paul make a floor speech. A floor speech is going to be used by Romney/Santorum to say, "See we are the big tent party." how many Ron Paul advocates are really interested in being used...again?

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