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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tampa GOP Convention Forecaste

We are one step away from the worst possible outcome. All that remains is for Ron Paul to endorse Mitt Romney. I cannot imagine that happening but then 8 months ago I could not imagine Rand Paul giving Romney his first significant endorsement of the campaign.

The GOP convention will reveal that Ron Paul does not have enough delegates to win the nomination. Nor does he have enough to prevent Romney from winning on the first ballot. He will come in a respectable second in delegate count with less than 500 and more than 200 delegates. In the end the delegate count will reflect the popular vote count with Ron Paul winning more than 10% and less than 20% of each.

The overly optimistic of his crowd will point out how he nearly tripled the number of supporters he had in 2008.  This will be interpreted by the campaign as "We are winning the future." The Paul campaign will never consider, much less, admit the obvious: this amounts to irrefutable proof that the delegate strategy sans coalition promise was a complete failure.

Ron Paul will not endorse Romney explicitly but he will praise him for his leadership skills and understanding of how the economy works while not criticizing him directly for the warfare policy that has largely caused our financial woes. On the other hand he will gladly and righteously criticize President Obama for all manner of economic and foreign policy evil with ne' er an encouraging word on anything else.

His friends will interpret his prime time speech as the grand farewell of the last founding father. His foes will  restrain grinning in public with great praise for his ethics, steadfastness and advocacy of American freedom.

In the party platform there will be token regard for responsible use of American power abroad and restraint from irresponsible use of the same. On the economic side there will be a call for strict auditing of the federal reserve and condemnation of corporate welfare.

Some of his supporters will see through all this superficial patronizing but most of those in need of an attitude adjustment will be supporting Mr. Four Percent, Gary Johnson in his futile attempt to get into the debates. The few who quietly mumble their misgivings will be polite and maybe they might even be given a reason to hope.

That reason remains to be seen but because of his premature acclamation of the nominee, Rand Paul will be seen as loyal enough not resist should the commander in chief find necessary a preventive strike against a future nuclear foe.

There might just be a Vice President Paul after all, and should this "political stroke of genius" (as it would be dubbed from every quarter of the MSM) materialize, forgiveness will abound to the chief of sinners as the prodigal is seen as foreshadowing the 2020 vision victorious.

Who shall convert whom remains to be seen.

How I wish my purse and my religion would allow me to dare a wager!

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