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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wisconsin's Lesson for Progressives

Progressives did their best in a state that only 2 years ago had arguably the most progressive US Senator. And we got out butts kicked. If we cannot win in a blue state why should we expect our agenda to go forward in 2013?

The supposed good news is Obama's exit poll numbers show that he defeats Romney by 7 points and got the support of 18% of Walker's voters. This means Obama 2 will be...wait for it...more of the same. The president is hardwired to split the difference and with the GOP moving ever closer to fascism, he will govern right of center again.

Progressives will not get 60 Senators. We will not get a public option. We will not get progressive tax reform. We will not get cuts in military spending. We will not see an end to the drug war.We will not see less drone attacks in Yemen and Pakistan.

We will get more increases in insurance premiums. We will get lower rates and false promises of closed loopholes at the top. We will see more prisons filled, more addicts untreated and pot untaxed. We will create more terrorists.

Searching for a silver lining.... We might get a tad greener using Chinese technology. The same would happen under Romney.

Another black cloud.... The blue dogs will say,"We told you so and they will get there way when it comes to cabinet appointments and congressional committee chairs.

A huge opportunity has been lost. Let's get it right next time. We need a partner. Libertarians are far from ideal but better to make a deal with them than the same corporate squatters who have ignored us because they really don't want collective bargaining or any other opportunity for the working class to move out of desperation and into stability.

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