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Friday, January 13, 2012

Give Huntsman Some Love and Progressives a Call

I am hopeful that Romney gets taken down a notch and the proto-fascist faction of the party is divided enough to give Ron Paul a victory in SC. After this the competition is going to get tougher as the field may be winnowed down to three.

The call center needs to identify and target progressives in SC. Coastal areas are the best place to start.

Huntsman needs to be courted. If I were Paul, I would go to him immediately and offer him VP if Paul is the nominee and Secretary of State if Huntsman is willing to join a coalition cabinet and support Paul in a third party run. Huntsman is the only other sane candidate in the GOP 6 calling for ending wars immediately. He is probably the only candidate Ron Paul could endorse among his 5 opponents. (I hate to leave Buddy Roemer out of the mix.)

It makes good tactical sense to make these offers to Huntsman. A Huntsman endorsement undermines charges of danger and extremism. It also makes sense for Huntsman since he is not going to be VP to a fellow Mormom. Ron Paul is closest to Huntsman in terms of policy and being the VP gets him closer to where he wants to be. It's maybe not a match made in heaven for either candidate but it would be a huge game changer for both of them. And more importantly, for the American people.

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