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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

RP Campaign? Democrats? Liberals? Progressives?

Did you see the debate on Fox last night from Myrtle Beach , SC?

First, for the campaign staff, why is Ron Paul not in every church  and community center in the African American community in the state?  Ignore the race issue is going way wrong. Confront it head first. He is advocating for African Americans in a big way with his anti-war and anti-drug war message and in his criticism of discrimination in law enforce and judicial systems. Africa Americans will hear him. The red necks in the audience last night booing the golden rule are not with him. (Not to mention Jesus....) Come on!

Democrats, Liberals, Progressives? What are you doing sitting on your hands? Do you want to let the warmongers in the GOP to get a free pass? Punish them! Vote for Ron Paul in the primary! This is a no-brainer! No excuses left!

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  1. Looking back on one of many opportunities blown by libertarians and progressives. History will ask, "Why?!"