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Monday, January 9, 2012

If 3rd in NH where do we go? Call Dennis!

Scanning the headlines, it seems that Paul will get about 20%, and if he does he may have plateaued. Hunts man and Santorum are coming up behind him and may overtake him for second and 3 third place. Huntsman is the most likely to finish 2nd Paul. He is the only other sane candidate left in the race and the most likely one to take votes from Ron Paul. If Huntsman becomes the 4th man in the race, Paul's ability to win any state is extremely diminished.

If Huntsman pulls off an upset,  Ron Paul will probably never finish higher than third. I cannot see him wanting to carry on with that embarrassment...20% of the vote and 3rd place in 45 states.

Ron Paul has to make the transition very soon to a full blown coalition strategy. The lower he finishes in NH and SC the more this becomes evident. If he is content to influence the platform by getting a prime time speech at the convention, he will be played.

If he is in this campaign to win, he has got to see the ceiling and make it the base of a floor for progressives.
Progressives need to jump on this floor and wake the Paul's die hard supporters up. The copious attacks from the left on Ron Paul are effectively tamping down the would be enthusiasm for his candidacy.

Ron Paul needs a skillful progressive on his staff to speak to progressive organizations, and he needs to talk with members of the congressional black caucus. And finally he needs to speak with his friend Dennis Kucinich. Dennis give him a call. You really ought to see that this administration not offering you Labor Secretary and leaving you with no choice but to run against another friend, Marcy Kaptur, as a sign that Obama II intends to be like Obama I.

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