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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In short...

There are several good reasons for Democrats, progressives, greens and liberals to vote for Ron Paul in the GOP primaries and caucuses. He will not win without us. We can help his supporters cause a giant headache for the GOP at their convention.

And after the GOP rejects Paul despite his plurality of votes, Paul can decide to thank us and join a Kucinich or a Sanders to form a coalition candidacy and a real libertarian/progressive coalition cabinet which will not allow Paul to go off the deep end policy wise.

Such a coalition could free up funds from the military industrial catastrophe's steroid budget for empire building and maintenance and use those funds to pay down national debt and build the communication, energy, education, environment, and transportation infrastructure of a peaceful green economy.

Epic fail if we progressives, greens and liberals do not take advantage of this extremely rare opportunity to change the debate and direction of this nation!

Here's the rest of the strategy: http://progressivesforronpaul.blogspot.com/2011/12/what-is-green-republican-coalition.html

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